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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Alcatel One Touch Net Mobile Phone
Recently, GSM mobile service of Tata Teleservices Ltd., Tata Docomo, announced the launch of Alcatel One Touch Net mobile phone. It is the first handset that is fully integrated with the Tata Docomo’s New EDGE Mobile Services. Alcatel One Touch Net phone is priced at Rs. 5500.

Tata Docomo-Alcatel One Touch Net comes with a 2.4-inch horizontally oriented display with resolution of 240×320 pixels. It has a 2-mega pixel camera with Digital zoom also.

Alcatel One Touch Net mobile supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks. The phone is featured with Charger, Battery, Earphone, Warranty Card, User Guide, USB Cable and 4GB Memory Card.

Alcatel One Touch Net Key Features:

QWERTY keyboard

Optical joystick

2-megapixel camera

80 MB of internal memory

microSD card slot up to 8GB

Music player


FM radio

Tata Docomo Alcatel One Touch Net is a light weighted phone with 102 g. The phone comes in two colour variants – “White & Lavender” and a sleek “Black & Silver”.

Alcatel One Touch Net mobile phone is enabled with receiving a push-email from Yahoo servers as well as sync contact and calendar information.

You can upload photo shots also using the built-in camera to Flickr instantly. The phone is featured with Search with Voice feature also. You can search strings to be spoken instead of typed.

You will be able to access Tata DOCOMO services like My Song, Call Me Tunes, Buddy Chat, My Talkies, Astro Portal, Funzone, Song Book and much more with your Alcatel One Touch Net mobile.

There are customized keys on the OneTouch Net handset. You can use Facebook to notify users about status updates.

So, Alcatel One Touch Net with Tata Docomo is a complete social, entertaining and new phone with latest technology and innovative features. The phone has great looks and stylish design also. Customers will surly like it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recently, Apple launched its first music social network – Ping which has already reached one million users in just over 48 hours. It is a one of the much-admired features of iTunes 10 which was announced at a special Apple event alongside new iPods and a revamped Apple TV.

Ping is Apple’s first music social network. It allows users to share what music they’re buying on Apple’s iTunes Store. If you join on Ping, you can become a friend of others just like other existing networks. You can view custom music charts also based on what songs their circle of friends have been buying on the iTunes Store and like. You can comment on other user’s purchases.

iTunes software runs with more than 160 million existing users. About one million users have downloaded iTunes 10 and joined Ping already.

Ping, a social network for music, gives you a chance to follow your favorite artists and friends to discover the music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading.

iTunes 10 with Ping gives you a chance to post your thoughts and opinions, your favorite albums and songs, and the music you’ve downloaded from iTunes. You can view concert listings and tell your friends which concerts you plan to attend also.

You can log on to Ping from the iTunes sidebar. You can create a basic profile by log into your iTunes account.

About the uses of Ping, an online news portal about technology - www.neowin.net writes, “After setting up your profile and liking some music, you’re presented with a very simple “Welcome to Ping” screen. You’re given three immediate options: “Search for People or Artists”, “Invite Your Friends by Email”, and “Connect iTunes Ping with Facebook.” The third option is probably your best bet - it only found two of my friends from Facebook on Ping, but I began the process within an hour of the service launching. I could follow these friends without any issue, and they popped up in my “Recent Activity” feed instantly.”

Ping is already being called “MySpace Killer”. However, it can become a great way to share your music taste amongst your group of friends.

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